Go Home Paddy

On a snowy morning in 1906, Famine refugee Paddy Brennan, steps into a tavern in Boston. There he encounters the embodiment of the triumphal “New” Irish of Boston in the form of a third generation Irish-American bartender. When arriving on American shores in 1848, Paddy had found the same miseries that he had left behind in Ireland: bigotry, poverty and hatred. The Americans had detested the Irish — and in no city were they more despised than in Boston. Now, in the 20th Century, Paddy is amazed at how quickly the Irish have come to succeed in the New World. But after a bitter argument with the bartender about Race, Paddy quickly realizes that some things never change—only the roles of those involved. As Paddy goes on to educate the young man about his own people’s wretched history in both Ireland and America, he speeds towards the dark wound in his own heart; his own horrible act of intolerance. GO HOME PADDY, a graphic novel, is the tale of one Irish immigrant’s aching struggle to find his way in a Bostonian society that fears and hates him while desperately attempting to hold on to his own humanity. Heartbreaking, thought-provoking and ultimately uplifting, this unique narrative incorporates historical details such as the Great Hunger, the rise of the Know-Nothings, Victorian prejudices and the Great Boston Fire of 1872. GO HOME PADDY is also timely as it examines the roles of immigration, race relations and religion in American society — hot political topics of today. GO HOME PADDY, a graphic novel of around 200 pages and illustrated using the Victorian simian stereotype of the Irish, is being serialized at GO HOME PADDY.COM GO HOME PADDY & JOHN A. WALSH are represented by Scott Gould at RLR Assoc.

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