John A. Walsh tells stories. Some are told with words; others with pictures.
John's stories are told with both.
His work often focuses on Graphic Narratives that explore the intersection of Racism, Religious Bigotry and Immigration. Engaging readers and viewers in the examination of these haunting aspects of our culture and history is one of his goals.
John has been chosen by the City of Boston to be one of ten Artists in Residence for 2016/2017. Through Boston AIR, artists are supported as agents of reflection, collaboration, and activism, whether through process-oriented practice, direct community engagement, and/or as leaders of system-wide change projects at BCYF and other City agencies. The ten selected artists are invited to study and expand their own civic and social practice, alongside a parallel cohort from ten BCYF community centers and other City employees who will explore methods to incorporate artistic social practice into government and community work. Both the artist and City cohorts will share examples of their work, attend master workshops and lectures by guest artists, and have opportunities to exchange ideas and co-design proposals.
John is the co-author and illustrator of the graphic novel The Bad Times (with Christine Kinealy), a story of love and friendship set during the Irish Famine. The President of Ireland has described The Bad Times as a book that will “bring us deep into the heart of a tragedy that has left an indelible imprint on Irish society and the Irish people.”
John lives in Boston with his wife and daughter. 
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